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The Computer People was formed following a merger of services between The Computer Lady (Alison Gordon) and Red Boot Tech Services (Dave Turnbull).

In order to take a well-earned holiday in 2019, Alison asked Dave to look after her clients while she was away. On her return, she discovered Dave had done an amazing job, and Dave had enjoyed it too. They decided to join forces and become The Computer People.

The company has since grown considerably, and they now have a team of 6, plus a large workshop to enable them better serve new and existing customers.

Between them, Alison and Dave have over 60 years’ experience. They have brought together a loyal client base and have established trusted relationships across the community.

Alison Gordon

Dave Turnbull

Ann-Marie Beach

Ben Sodhi

Jacqueline Terry

David Barnes

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Great customer service and quick fixes, would highly recommend!

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